Corporate Info.

Corporate Philosophy

Creativity - Business withers without creation.
Today’s dream brings about a better tomorrow. Creation causes some discord. Improvement is assured by conquering such discord.

Aggressiveness - Tackle your job aggressively.
Give priority to difficult assignments and never give up when the job is half done.

Globalism - The globe is your market.
Win the trust of the people of the world. Supply quality products at reasonable cost. Nurture the competitiveness of your products.

Appreciative minds - Always be appreciative of what people around you do for you.
Thank your parents for having given birth to you. Thank elders for their guidance. Serve the community in order to reciprocate its hospitality toward you.

Human assets - How to make the company prosper is to find and use the right person in the right job.
Quality people are difficult to come by. Be objective. Be health conscious. Be wise. Stick to your words.

Written by the founder, Kohki Imura

Corporate Mission

Contributing to the progress of the world of product manufacture.