Corporate Info.

Directors & Corporate Auditors


(As of August 1, 2018)
Chairman Hiroo Honma  
President Kenji Susukida In charge of TQC/TPM Promotion
Executive Vice President Hidenori Hayashi In charge of Corporate Planing,
in charge of Sales in Central Japan
Managing Directors Masayuki Kobayashi In charge of Finance & General Affairs,
Risk Management
Koichi Watanabe In charge of Quality Assuarance,
in charge of Robot Element Technology,
Chief Engineer of Bearing Division
Shigeru Togashi In charge of Business in China,
NACHI (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. Chief Representative of China
Directors Toru Inoue Chairman and President of
NACHI America
Tetsu Furusawa General Manager of Compliance Headquarters,
in charge of International Sales Control,
General Manager of Global Human Resources
Shinichi Urata General Manager of Technology Development Headquarters,
in charge of Procurement
Yutaka Tsukamoto General Manager of Production Headquarters
Noritsugu Sasaki In charge of Sales in Asia
Noboru Miura General Manager of Eastern Japan Main Branch
Jun Sakamoto General Manager of Corporate Planning Dept.,
in charge of Organization, Human Resources and Education,
in charge of Advertisement and Informatization
Hideaki Hara Director of Robot Business Center,
Kazuo Tsukahara*  
Shinjiro Iwata*  

Corporate Auditors

Standing Corporate Auditors Hiroshi Yamada
Masashi Hori
Masakazu Yamazaki*  
Corporate Auditors Somuku Iimura*  

* Outside director or outside corporate auditor

Corporate Officers

Senior Corporate Officer Satoshi Hamamoto President of NACHI (Jiangsu) Industries Co., Ltd.
Ryohei Nobetani Deputy General Manager of Production Headquarters
Akira Kunisaki In charge of Robot System
Tsutomu Kurosawa General Manager of Bearing Division
Corporate Officers Masatoshi Akagawa In charge of Robot Development
Tetsuo Koshihama General Manager of Material Division
Hiroyuki Ushimaru General Manager of Hydraulics Division
Kazuho Tanimoto General Manager of Domestic Sales Control Dept.
Yuzo Aburamoto General Manager of TQC/TPM Promotion Headquarters,
in charge of Environment and Safety Management
Naritoshi Nakamura General Manager of Robot Division