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ST series ST210TP

Press tending robot


Robot model ST210TP-01
Construction Articulated construction
Number of axes 7
Drive system AC servo system
Max. operating area Arm J1 +/-3.14rad
J2 +2.09 to -0.61rad
J3 +3.67 to -1.68rad
Wrist J4 +/-6.28rad
J5 +/-2.09rad
J6 +/-6.28rad
Swivel arm J7 +/-1.13rad
Max. speed Arm J1 1.92rad/s
J2 1.57rad/s
J3 1.66rad/s
Wrist J4 2.27rad/s
J5 2.27rad/s
J6 4.36rad/s
Swivel arm J7 2.09rad/s
Max. Payload Wrist 80kg
Forearm 30kg
Max. allowable moment of inertia J7 80kg·m2
Position repeatability +/-0.3mm
Ambient temperature 0 to 45°C
Ambient humidity 20 to 80%RH (Non condensing)
Vibration valve Less than 0.5G
Installation conditions Shelf mount (20 degree inclined)
Robot mass 1,650kg

1[rad]=180/π[°]  1[N·m]=1/9.8[kgf·m]

(*1) This value changes by placement and load conditions of a wrist.
(*2) This value conforms to "JIS B 8432".
(*3) Inclined angle for installation is 20 degree only. Horizontal installation and inclined angle except 20 degree is not permitted for this robot.
(*4) Maximum working envelope and maximum payload values mean when work piece is carried keeping horizontal posture.

  • The specifications are subject to changes without notice.
  • In case that an end user uses this product for military purpose or production of weapon, this product may be liable for the subject of export restriction stipulated in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. Please go through careful investigation and necessary formalities for export.