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AQUA Drill EX 3 Flutes Regular

A 3-flute drill with an optimized flute geometry and cutting-edge design for an excellent cutting balance

AQUA Drill EX 3 Flutes Hard High-accuracy drilling
  • Features a 3-flute design that achieves excellent cutting balance, as well as high-accuracy drilling capable of a reamerless process up to a depth of 5D
Handles drilling up to a depth of 5D
  • Optimized flute geometry and cutting-edge design improve chip fragmentation and evacuation for stable drilling

AQUA EX coating with enhanced resistance to heat and wear

AQUA EX coating

  • Features a special lubrication film and smoothing treatment for excellent chip evacuation
  • Ensures high oxidation resistance (1,100°C) by adding a layer with high Al content
  • Controls crack propagation with a multilayered structure. Optimizes compressive strength for increased film hardness (3,300HV).
    Increases resistance to wear.

Oxidation resistance evaluation

Competitor products (listed oxidation resistance at 1,200°C)

Total oxidation

AQUA EX coating

Approx. 50% oxidation

Applicable work materials

Low-carbon steels
Soft steels

SS400, S10C

Carbon steels
Alloy steels

S45C, SCM440

Pre-hardened steels
High alloy steels


Tempered steels


Hardened steels

Hardened steels

150HB 225HB 275HB 30 40HRC 40 50HRC 50 65HRC

Stainless steels

Heat-resistant alloy

Ti/Ni Alloys

Cast iron


Aluminum alloy


Copper/copper alloy


SUS304 SUS420
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