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Crystal Diamond Coated Drills

Crystal Diamond Coated Drills
Suitable for cutting holes in CFRP

CFRP is a composite formed by curing carbon fiber impregnated with resin.

It is highly resistant to wear, heat, and oxidation, and also boasts excellent thermal elasticity. It has strength and stiffness comparable to iron, steel, and other metals, yet is far lighter, a characteristic that makes it a popular choice of material for building aircraft.

CFRP, however, has the following drawbacks:

  • High hardness of carbon fiber
  • Easily delaminates due to low resin strength
  • Low cutting-heat resistance of resin at 200?

Crystal diamond coated drills feature a unique cutting edge design that delivers excellent cutting performance and diamond coating with enhanced crystallinity. The reduced cutting resistance and increased resistance to wear will ensure a longer tool life for use with difficult-to-machine materials.

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PDF • Crystal Diamond Coated Drill (4 pages/320 KB)

The listed price applies to consumers in Japan.