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Cutting Tools

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Hyper Z Spiral Tap / Hyper Z Point Tap

In the low to medium speed field with outstanding high stability and long life

In 2 times cutting speed of the general non-coated tap, there are more than 2.5 times tool life
There are long tools life of the coating taps over brands

Compare machining life

Comparison of wear

Compared to other brands of coated taps have high stability and overwhelming the long processing life

Compared with other brand coated tap, no abnormal wear, and to achieve an overwhelming long processing life

Compare machining life

Comparison of wear

Point taps for through-holes also have excellent tool life performance in medium and low-speed field

The life of point taps is 2× as high as that of the non-coated taps, and is longer the that of the coating taps

Compare Competitor non-coated taps

Compare Competitor coating taps