Standard Hydraulic Equipment 2015-2016

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PDFNACHI Hydraulic Pumps

NACHI Hydraulic Pumps A- 1 101KB

PDFA. Piston Pumps

PVS PVS Series Variable Volume Piston Pumps A- 3 1,317KB
PZSPZS Series Variable Volume Piston Pump A-22 630KB
PZPZ Series Load Sensitive Variable Piston Pump A-35 362KB

PDFB. Vane Pumps

VDS VDS Series Small Variable Volume Vane Pump B- 1 317KB
VDR-22DVDR22 Design Series Variable Volume Vane Pump B- 6 572KB
VDR-13DVDR13 Design Series Variable Volume Vane Pump B-15 688KB
VDCVDC Series High-Pressure Type Variable Volume Vane Pump B-25 1,079KB
UVNUVN Series Variable Volume Vane Uni-pump
(NSP Uni-pump)
B-40 325KB

PDFC. Gear Pumps

IPH IPH Series IP Pump C- 1 473KB
 IPH Series Double IP Pump C-14 403KB

PDFNACHI Hydraulic Valves

NACHI Hydraulic Valves D- 1 115KB

PDFD. Modular Valves

Modular Valve Series D- 4 177KB
G01 Modular Valve Series D- 7 75KB
G03 Modular Valve Series D- 9 110KB
G04 Modular Valve Series D-12 61KB
OR Relief Modular Valve D-13 212KB
OROBrake Modular Valve D-19 148KB
ORDDirect Relief Modular Valve D-23 179KB
OGPressure Reducing Modular Valve D-28 246KB
OGBBalanced Piston Type Pressure Reducing Modular Valve D-35 112KB
OGPressure Reducing Modular Valve D-37 272KB
OGSTwo-Pressure Reducing Modular Valve D-44 158KB
OQSequence Modular Valve D-47 131KB
OCQCounter Balance Modular Valve D-50 191KB
OWPressure Switch Modular Valve D-55 161KB
OY,OCYFlow Regulator Modular Valve D-58 289KB
OF,OCFFlow Control Modular Valve
(Pressure and temperature compensated)
D-66 246KB
OC,OCVCheck Modular Valve D-72 244KB
OCPPilot Operated Check Modular Valve D-79 177KB
OKGauge Modular Block D-84 88KB
OBHigh-low System Block D-86 96KB
MOBEnd Plate, Free Flow Plate, 03/01 Change Plate D-88 109KB
MSA,MDSSolenoid Valve/Modular Valve Subplate D-90 110KB
OTH,OTDValve Installation Bolt List D-93 113KB
MOB01, 03 Base Block D-96 96KB
 High-pressure M35 Series D-98 89KB

PDFE. Solenoid Valve

SS SS Series(Wiring System: Central Terminal Box)
Wet Type Solenoid Valve
E- 1 602KB
SASA Series(Wiring System: DIN Connector Type)
Wet Type Solenoid Valve
E-13 487KB
SE SE Series Lower Power Solenoid Valve E-25 328KB
SL SL Series (Wiring System : Central Terminal Box)
Lower Power Solenoid Valve
E-31 273KB
DSSDSS (DSA) 22 Design Series Solenoid Control Valve E-38 486KB
SFFine Solenoid Valve SF Series E-46 181KB
SNHSNH Series Non-leak Type Solenoid Valve E-50 308KB
SAW SAW Series Directional control valve with monitoring switch E-59 296KB
SCW SCW Series Poppet type directional control valve with monitoring switch E-68 233KB

PDFF. Pressure Control Valve

R Relief Valve F- 1 225KB
RIRI Series Relief Valve (ISO Mounting, Balanced Piston Type) F- 5 191KB
RC,RCDRemote Control Relief Valve F- 8 152KB
RSS,RSASolenoid Controlled Relief Valve F-10 222KB
RISRI Series Solenoid Controlled Relief Valve F-15 163KB
(C)GPressure Reducing (and Check) Valve F-18 221KB
GRBalancing Valve (Pressure Reducing and Relief Valve) F-23 132KB
(C)QPressure Control (and Check) Valve F-25 290KB

PDFG. Flow Control Valve

(C)FR Throttle (and Check) Valve G- 1 130KB
(C)FTFT Type Flow Control (and Check) Valve (With Pressure and Temperature Compensation) G- 4 184KB
(C)FF Type Flow Control (and Check) Valve (With Pressure Compensation) G- 8 151KB
(C)TNTN Type Flow Control (and Check) Valve (Fine Adjustment Type With Pressure and Temperature Compensation) G-11 128KB
(C)TSTS Type Flow Control (and Check) Valve (Fine Adjustment Type With Pressure and Temperature Compensation) G-14 111KB
TL,TLTTL (TLT) Type Feed Control Valve (Fine Control Type With Pressure Compensation) G-16 166KB

PDFH. Direction Control Valves

CA,CN Right Angle Check Valve
In-line Check Valve
H- 1 113KB
CPPilot Check Valves H- 4 140KB
K2Gauge Cock H- 7 79KB
DMADMA Type Manual Valve H- 8 147KB
  Flange Type Check Valve/Throttle Valve
Pilot Operated Check Valve
H-10 51KB

PDFI. Electro-hydraulic control Valve

  Electro-hydraulic Proportional Valve Series I- 1 64KB
EPRElectro-hydraulic Proportional Pilot Relief Valve I- 2 128KB
ERElectro-hydraulic Proportional Relief Valve I- 4 151KB
EGBElectro-hydraulic Proportional Relief and Reducing Valve I- 6 147KB
(C)ESElectro-hydraulic Proportional Flow Control Valve I- 8 179KB
ESR Load Response Electro-hydraulic Proportional Relief and Flow Control Valve I-11 166KB
ESDElectro-hydraulic Proportional Flow and Direction Control Valve I-14 547KB
EOGModular Type Electro-hydraulic Proportional Reducing Valve I-22 120KB
EOFModular Type Electro-hydraulic Proportional Flow Control Valve I-24 164KB
EMA,EMC Power Amplifier Series for Electro-hydraulic Proportional Valve Drive I-26 373KB
EBASmall Type Power Amplifier Series for Electro-hydraulic Proportional Valve Drive I-30 483KB
EDA,EDCSmall Type Multi-function Power Amplifier I-34 405KB
ESHHigh-response proportional flow control valve ESH-G01 I-38 120KB
ESHHigh-response proportional flow control valve ESH-G03,04,06 I-40 195KB
EHAHigh-speed Response Proportional Control Valve Amplifier EHA Series I-42 306KB
EAElectro-hydraulic Servo Valve Driver Servo Amplifier I-44 115KB

PDFJ. Hydro-logic Valve

Composite Valve Series Logic Valve J- 1 190KB

PDFK. Hydraulic Cylinder

FJ FJ Series General Purpose Hydraulic Cylinder K- 1 454KB

PDFL. Hydraulic Unit

NCP Series Standard Variable Pump Unit L- 1 2,913KB
NSP Series Compact Variable Pump Unit L-18 477KB
Inverter Drive NSP Series
Energy-saving Pump Unit with Inverter Drive
L-24 449KB
NNP Series (Low-noise Standard Variable Pump Unit) L-28 507KB
Inverter Drive NCP/NNP Series
Energy-saving Variable Pump Unit with Inverter Drive
L-33 83KB
Power Meister L-35 827KB
Power Fit L-44 384KB

PDFM. Hydraulic Accessories

Hydraulic Accessories M- 1 117KB

PDFN. Technical data

Operating Fluid N- 1 81KB
Water-Glycol Type Operating Fluid Hydraulic Devices N- 3 75KB
SI Units and Conversion Formulas N- 7 88KB

PDFO. Model No. Index

Model No. Index O- 1 67KB

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