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Hydraulic Equipment

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Application examples and effects

Bending machine More compact machines and improved precision of processing dimensions
Caulking machine,
Press machine
These units are able to control swaging (pressured insertion) capability and control the swaging (pressured insertion) completion position so quality management is easy.
A positioning mechanism using a conventional mechanical stopper is unnecessary, liberating you from variations in results due to workers.
Grinding machine Improves the precision of the positioning of the grinding commencement position, having a large energy-saving effect when continuously pressurizing over a long period of time using a fixed pressure.
Precision Press Improves product quality by smoothly switching from high-speed movement to pressurization control without any surge. Cycle time is shortened.
Straightening machine It achieves energy-saving, low noise, and a reduction in the amount of hydraulic fluid. Space is saved and transportation and packaging costs are reduced by installing a hydraulic unit in the machine.
Other A full range of hydraulic systems for machines which are required to be more compact, machines which require a high thrust that cannot be obtained with ball screws, etc.