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Hydraulic Equipment

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A hydraulic power unit that offers optimal compactness, high pressure and high flow for drive sources  for stamping presses

  • Energy-saving effect improvement
    With the AC servo motor, the unit rotates the pump only to the extent necessary and optimally controls pressure and flow in accordance with the movement of the machine.
    The unit has achieved 80% energy saving as compared with NACHI-Fujikoshi’s standard hydraulic units
  • High pressure and high flow
    Type pressure Flow rate
    Type PVS 25MPa 90L/min
    Type PZS 28MPa 140L/min
  • compact
    Installation space is reduced 60% as compared with NACHI-Fujikoshi’s standard hydraulic units
    (Oil tank capacity 60L,80L)
  • Multi-stage pressure and flow control is simple
    It is possible to switch to 16 patterns using the external signal
  • Low Nois
    The operating sound when maintaining the pressure at 21MPa is 60dB(A).
  • Low oil temperature rise
    A low heat-generating design that keeps the rise of oil temperature to room temperature + 10°C
    (Oil tank 60L 21MPa while maintaining pressure)