Corporate Info.

Origin of the Corporate Name "FUJIKOSHI"

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. was founded in the city of Toyama in 1928. Kohki Imura, the founder, named the company FUJIKOSHI in order to give concrete expression to his creed that self sufficiency in machine tool supply is indispensable to Japan's economic prosperity.The first two characters "fuji" which read "Fuji" were picked from the Buddhist scriptures. A passage in the scriptures says "Justice and injustice appear to be different things. The truth is that they are "Fuji" (not two). They are one and the same". In other words, the true comprehension of objects is attainable only through penetrating observation from high above, ignoring the superficial appearances of such objects. The third Chinese character "koshi" which reads "Koshi" has the same pronunciation as "koshi" which means the general area along the Japan Sea since olden days.

About the trademark "NACHI"

NACHI brand name comes from "KUMANO-NACHI-TAISHA," the Grand Shrine, that is origin of Japan. It expresses strong entrepreneurial will.
In 1929, the year after our foundation, we made NACHI a trademark. Since then, we have consistently labeled NACHI in all our products.
NACHI is widely recognized by manufacturing customers and markets around the world, and it is a proof of the confidence of our products.