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History & Milestones

History & Milestones Seeking to produce machine tools domestically in the face of industrial modernization Expanding business in an era of shifts to domestic production and heightened wartime footing Fostering technical capability and contributing via our flagship products to recovery after WWII Actively expanding operations domestically and internationally and solidifying our foothold as a comprehensive machinery manufacturer in the midst of rapid economic growth Expanding our business base in response to economic advancement and capital liberalization Seeking to be a comprehensive mechatronics manufacturer in line with increased technical innovation and internationalization
1928 -
NACHI-FUJIKOSHI was founded with the express aim of becoming a domestic manufacturer of cutting tools and machine tools in the trend towards industrial modernization. The Company's business activities expanded greatly in the first 20 years since its founding.
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1945 -
NACHI-FUJIKOSHI attained the position of a "total machinery manufacturer" as the result of an active management policy during the high economic growth period in the 1950's to 1960's
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1964 -
NACHI-FUJIKOSHI is aiming at becoming a mechatronics manufacturer in keeping with technical innovation and internationalization.
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1993 -
NACHI-FUJIKOSHI has been steadily promoting the NACHI Business in keeping with globalization and changes in the industrial structure.
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2004 -
NACHI-FUJIKOSHI expanded the production and distribution system both domestically and abroad and uphold the NACHI brand in world markets.
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2011 -
Aim for long-term growth with new markets, business areas and management structure in this era of change.
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