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History & Milestones

1928 - 1940

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI was founded with the express aim of becoming a domestic manufacturer of cutting tools and machine tools in the trend towards industrial modernization. The Company's business activities expanded greatly in the first 20 years since its founding.
Kohki Imura

Kohki Imura
(Born in 1889 in Shimabara, Nagasaki Prefecture)
Establishes a company oriented toward technological development.


FUJIKOSHI STEEL INDUSTRY CO., Ltd. was founded in Toyama City by the founder, Kohki Imura.


NACHI hacksaw blades were chosen as a superior example of Japanese manufacturing technology and were personally inspected by the Emperor Showa.

The NACHI trademark was adopted from the name of the Emperor's ship.


The company gained recognition as an all-round domestic manufacturer of precision cutting tools.

installed the latest European and American machinery.


established FUJIKOSHI Technical High School.


Higashi-Toyama Steel Mill started operation.

established integrated manufacturing system covering materials through to final production.


begun production of bearings.

Machine Tools Dept. established to supply own company plants with internally manufactured machinery.


Business further expanded to 18 plants in Japan and number of employees increased to 36,000.

established FUJIKOSHI Hospital.