Corporate Info.

History & Milestones

2004 - 2010

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI expanded the production and distribution system both domestically and abroad and uphold the NACHI brand in world markets.

removed Tokyo Head Office to Shiodome, Tokyo.

increased the share capital.

established FUJIKOSHI Associé Co., Ltd. to strengthen training.

built new bearings factories in the Toyama Plant (Japan), Czech and China.

consolidated hydraulic equipment business into the Higashi-Toyama Plant and established a new hydraulic valves factory.

divided manufacturing of hydraulic equipment with DAESUNG-NACHI HYDRAULICS CO.,LTD.

set up NACHI Material Association.

entered into the field of seismic isolator business.


renewed the Nachi-Fujikoshi Museum and Café Across (2004), and expanded NACHI COMPLEX with NACHI-BUSINESS Galaxy.

designated new brand names for each products group.

organized business locations in America, Europe and ASEAN respectively.

built a new factory for large-sized robots.

launched a new HR project encouraging each employee to improve their skills.


set up NACHI Major Dealers Meeting.

strengthened the business for industrial machines.

established a new broaches factory and a new materials factory.

founded a in India.

expanded the engineering business for machining in both domestic and overseas market.

expanded FUJIKOSHI Hospital.


set up International Trade Headquarter, expanded overseas business.

formed a business alliance with Sankyo Tateyama Aluminium, Inc. in magnesium business.

built a new gear cutting tools factory, machine parts processing factory, hydraulic motor factory and YAMAGATA factory.

established "R&D Material".

developed the business on the industrial machinery sector by releasing the new platform robot.


set up ASEAN Business Center in Thailand.

built three new factories for precision bearings, bearing heat-treatment, automotive solenoid valves.

focused on environmental and energy saving business.

expanded the engineering business.

integrated production of bearings in Europe into Czech.

built Nachi-Fujikoshi Selva (Nachi-Toyama-Domitory).

introduced anti-takeover measures.


Hiroo Honma was appointed as President.

developed new management framework.

started up the internal control system.

expanded the bearing factories in Thailand and Brazil.

assigned a representative in Turkey and expanded the business in emerging countries.

established Central Japan Hydraulic Center to penetrate the energy and infrastructure markets.

built NACHI Logistics Center.

integrated production of tools in the US into Indiana.


shifted dynamically to emerging countries. set up Robot Business Center in China.

enhanced the structure for production, sales and services in China, ASEAN, India and South America.

enhanced the structure for development.

introduced the palletizing robots and penetrated the distribution infrastructure markets.

developed transparent conductive oxide coater and high speed seam welding robots together with the alliance companies.