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IR-related FAQs

Items regarding the corporate profile

What is the origin of the Fujikoshi name? ?? The answer is here.
What is the origin of the Nachi trademark? ?? The answer is here.
When was Fujikoshi established? ?? December of 1928.
Where and when was the firm listed? ?? Tokyo Stock Exchange (May 1949).
When are accounts settled and general shareholders meetings held? ?? Accounts are settled Nov. 30.
An ordinary general meeting of shareholders is held each Feb.

Items related to performance and management

Can I see data on the firm’s performance? ?? See the “IR Events”
When are financial statements announced? ?? See the “IR Events”

Items related to stocks

What is the security code number for Fujikoshi? ?? 6474
Who administers the stockholder registry? ?? Sumitomo Mitsui Trust and Bank,Limited
Who do I contact regarding procedures for stockholders such as transfers and address changes? ?? Sumitomo Mitsui Trust and Bank,Limited
What is the date of record for dividends? ?? The date of record for dividend pay out is the last day of May and November each year.
See “Stockholders and Stock Information”
Are there periods when stock transfers are suspended? ?? No.
How are shares of less than one unit handled? ?? This firm has introduced an Additional Purchase System for Shares of Less than One Unit. This system has shareholders with shares of less than one unit (less than 1,000 shares) purchase the shortfall to reach the share trading unit (1,000 shares).
In addition, shareholders wishing to sell shares of less than one unit can submit a purchase request.
For details on these procedures, please contact the administrator of the stockholder register.